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About Us

Remedy Research’s primary areas of application, research and testing are as follows:

H5N1 avian flu, asthma, stomach ulcers, ADHD, HIV/AIDS.

Over the counter [OTC] medicines.
Treatments for flu, hay fever, cold sores, acne, burns and wound disinfection.

Buildings disinfection and personnel hygiene.
Hospital hygiene and infection control systems and products.
Antimicrobial control of sensitive controlled areas.


New type of adjuvants to maximise vaccine effect, but with minimum side effects

Mitigation treatments and processes for control of biological contamination threats, including for example applications to control MIC [microbial induced corrosion] 
Remedy Research has master patents issued in the UK and USA and a large number of patents pending for specific applications and new territories. Our research and testing of products and formulations has been undertaken by major institutions both in the UK and USA where for example, the National Institutes of Health [NIH] are funding trials of formulations as a prophylaxis against H5N1 avian flu. In the UK we have been working with UCLH and consulting the Department of Health and the HPA to ensure we focus our research efforts on the primary public health concerns. However with an arsenal of other applications Remedy has continued to develop innovative treatments for a range of other conditions.

Worldwide pharmaceutical and service industries have the challenge of finding innovative new medicines and treatments. Remedy Research has a stable full of exciting mature products and applications, plus many new products in the pipeline. After twenty one years of development we think the time is now right for Remedy to enter the market place and capitalise on the strength of this patented technology.
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